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The Singapore Experience

A city on the go. Feel the pulse. Shop & eat. See & do.

Small but bursting with sights and sensations, Singapore does not disappoint. Independent since 1965, the country has evolved into an economic powerhouse and a key tourist and business destination. The stories are as heartwarming and colourful as the journey. The island is easy to get around with a well-oiled network of public transportation.


Orchard Road

Orchard Road is Singapore’s answer to London’ Bond Street or Tokyo’s Ginza . Arguably, Singapore’s original retail therapy precinct, it still commands a worldwide reputation. Stretching 2.5km in central Singapore, it now boasts top brands in shopping, luxury hotels and swanky malls. Stroll southwards from the top end of Orchard Road at Tanglin Road. Pass […]


Mandai Wildlife

There is much more to the city state than urban experiences. To the north of the island lies Mandai Wildlife Reserve, a unique lush wildlife and nature destination. Be mesmerized by the antics of the eagle, vulture, hawk and falcon at the Jurong Bird Park’s bird show. Or go behind the scenes and observe how […]


Indoor Stadium To Marina Bay

From the hotel rooftop, the spectacular skyline of the Singapore River to Marina Bar beckons with iconic attractions. Just one MRT stop away, the Singapore Sports Hub with its futuristic Indoor Stadium is a prime destination for lifestyle/sporting activities and events as well as theatre and concert performances. The Marina Bay area is home to […]


Beach Road & Kampong Gelam

Hotel Traveltine stands in a lively locale of varied architecture styles, Asian shops, local businesses and towering offices. Stroll towards the old civic district in the direction of the iconic Raffles Hotel and make a stop at Kampong Gelam, a historical area dating back to the island’s colonial days of the founder, Sir Stamford Raffles. […]